A Little Inspiration

Hey Bomahaers,

We know that you all are excited to let your hair down in Omaha and get crazzzzyyy.  We can’t wait to get wild with y’all.  Paintbrushes, nails and screws, and floor tiles.  We aren’t even sure we can handle the insane amount of service that we are about to do.

To get an idea of what we’ll be doing, here’s a newsclip we found on youtube that gives you an idea of who we will be helping and what kind of repairs we’ll be making.  Hope you’re inspired by Mabel and her family.

Jake & Kiera

Ridin Dirty

Hey Bomahaers,

Just a friendly reminder that our trip is basically a MONTH awayyyyyyy!! We know you all are so excited about the time we will spend in the van laughing, crying, and singing together, so we thought that Chamillionare would be a great inspiration for our trip.  Of course our music won’t be that loud and the cops won’t be chasing us, but you all get the idea.

Kiera & Jake.

Ridin Dirty

It’s Always Sunny in Omaha

So I don’t know about you guys, but the weather has put me in a serious funk lately.  After a while ice skating to class and feeling as though I’m climbing Mount Everest as I walk down Comm Ave  just isn’t fun anymore.  I thought eating loads of hummus and drinking gallons of Early Grey Tea would help but it really didn’t.  Anywho, today I found this lovely calender documenting Omaha’s weather.  Mid to high 40’s.  Nice.  Can you say bikinis, swim trunks, and flipy floppys?  We can’t wait.


Jake & Kiera


Official Hello from Kiera & Jake to all the AS-Bomahaers who registered for the trip this morning.

Can’t wait to meetcha.



10 Reasons to sign up for Omaha

1) You get to take a beautiful journey across the country. Learn where the states are located in the country. Do you even know where Omaha is? It’s in Nebraska. Where’s Nebraska? It’s next to Iowa. Where’s that? It’s in the midwest. You get the idea.

2) You get to eat lots of roadtrip food. Delicious Combos, Slim Jims, Funions, and any other snack that makes your breath smell bad. Or you can eat celery. We don’t judge.

3) Fun pit stops like Niagara Falls. Bring your swimsuits.

4) The weather is beautiful. A cool forty degrees with lots of wind. Just imagine your hair blowing in the wind as a tornado blows by.

5) Do you like dancing? Do you want to learn how to dance? Well we’ll be having nightly dance sessions. How to Dougie for Dummies. How to Bernie 101.

6) Glow in the dark yoyos.

7) Countless hours of music playing.

8) Omaha has the largest indoor rainforest. So when your friends tell you they are going to the Amazon, you can tell them you are going to the Henry Doorly Zoo. They’ll be embarrassed. Trust me.

9) Countless trips to Walmart. We will probably takeover peopleofwalmart.com

10) We will collectivley do over 450 hours of work with Rebuilding Together Omaha. This work includes painting and major/minor repairs. Basically we need handy people. Experience with construction work is recommended. Just kidding, I don’t even know what a hammer looks like.

Lastly, I’m sure my humor and wittiness in the past 2 minutes has made you want to secretly pee yourself. This is just a preview of what is to come.



You should probably go. It is tonight at 7pm in the Back Court of the GSU.

There was one last night. It was awesome.

Tonight I (Jake) won’t be there, but you can still come and meet Kiera and hear her talk about the super cool and fun things we are planning for the trip to Omaha.

Then when you are all done with that you can go home and sit on your computer until 8am on Sunday when it is time to register. You do that here (www.bu.edu/csc) just soo ya know.




It is this weekend!

8am on Sunday

Kiera & Jake


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